Good mood workouts

Top 8 reasons how exercise can improve your mood!

Do you get the winter blues? Do you find that your mood drops in the winter months?

Or do you have a stressful job? Do you find it difficult to pick yourself up when you’ve got a hard day ahead or have had a hard day?

Here are my Top 8 Reasons to Exercise to help boost your mood and get you in the right mind and body...

Top 3 tips on how to stay motivated this winter

It’s getting cold and finding the motivation to exercise in these dark, freezing and wet months is a lot harder than normal.

I’ve found that if you find you’re constantly hitting the snooze button and missing sessions, it comes down to one main reason; attitude. It’s true that the temperature and light has a direct impact on our body’s rhythm, and it causes us to change from our summer habits causing us to eat more and participate in less activity.


I could honestly say that at least once a day I have a client ask me why I should exercise or what is the benefit of clean eating. Well if you haven't heard it enough or seen the reasons why let me give you a handful to get your mind thinking about it and maybe fuel your soul into wanting to get up and hit the gym or park and start moving. Here is my top, straight to the Point, 20


For those that have used a foam roller before, you know exactly how much pain those little 30cm rollers can inflict! My first time on a roller was an experience I’ll never forget. Despite the initial pain that foam rollers might cause they help return the muscles in the body back to a functional level.