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Ready to see results? Our combined personal training and nutrition advice, will allow you to MAXIMISE your training, 100% naturally! Working on your own can be tough, that is why our trainers are here to push you further, motivate you, utilise your time and teach you safe and effective techniques to see RESULTS.

Personal Training


Momentum Lifestyles deliver personal training services at Trained Physio & Fitness located in East Perth. We also like fresh air and regularly utilise the breathtaking outdoor facilities along the beautiful Swan River in summer. Momentum Lifestyles can also provide you with the convenience of home training - that's right, we will come to you!



Momentum Bootcamps in Perth are for people who are serious about their fitness! Our bootcamps allow you to get in shape whilst still having fun and meeting new people.

Everyone will be challenged appropriately and experience great results!

Momentum Movers

Momentum Movers is a dedicated program helping improve the quality of life of seniors over the age of 50, through a mixture of functional training and yoga. It has been created to provide simple techniques in assisting you to maintaining a youthful body, mind and soul which will enable you to complete day to day tasks with ease and efficiency

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See results with our combination of advanced personal training sessions and guided nutrition programs!

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  • Nutrition Advice
  • Personal Training
  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Boot Camps

Our motto is.. Train Mean, Eat Clean!




Momentum Lifestyles has trained me at all different periods of my life. From the beginning when I was unfit, to when I got pregnant to post-pregnancy. Jerome from Momentum Lifestyles has tailored an exercise program to suit my abilities and strengths during these different life stages. Jerome always listens to my concerns and areas I want to improve in. He is flexible in his training, from training in the gym to bootcamps outside where I could bring my dog and even Mum and Bub fitness classes so I could still train with my baby. It's been an amazing journey training with Momentum Lifestyles, thanks Jerome

Running a big business and being stuck to my chair for over 10 hours a day, 6 days a week lead me to think that being tight and sore was normal! After seeing Jerome at Momentum he showed me that this was not normal and that I wasn't doing myself any favours by working longer hours and neglecting my health. By then giving me simple guidelines to follow for my diet i felt like i was doing the same amount of work in half the time! Improving my work output is something that i didn't expect when we first started but i'm so glad that it happened. Thanks Jerome!